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    Albion Street, Clifford, Wetherby, LS23 6HY

    Please reply to: Brian Marsden, The Croft, 34 Albion Street Clifford Wetherby, LS23 6HY

    20 November 2018

    Lowry Prodor
    Daytone Singers

    Dear Lowry & The Daytone Singers


    I was delighted to receive your donation of £372 towards the Clifford Village Hall Building Project from your recent concert. Please accept the grateful thanks of myself and the Clifford Village Hall Committee for the help you have given us in progressing this project.

    We have set up a project account separately from the Village Hall normal account and this will hold the funds raised until we have the finance to commence the work. We have to date over £20,000 from the Village Hall reserve fund which will add to the amount raised by this appeal. We have also approached a number of charities and had positive responses. Our fund raising will support our applications as charities always request the amount we have raised without their aid prior to providing support.

    The work we do will provide Clifford residents (and others) with a modernised building fit for purpose for the coming years. I and my family have personally used the Hall since 1967 and see the immense value to our community. The initial response to the appeal has been superb with the generosity of people evident in the donations received to date.

    My very best wishes


    16th November 2018
    The Village Hall was completely full with tables set out in a cafe style to sit back and relax and listen to the wonderful concert the Daytones had prepared for us. There were songs we all knew and could sing along to, a very humorous monologue and amusing jokes galore.
    Everyone had a really good time and you were all superb!! Atmosphere was really good! Must do it again some time!!

    20th October 2018
    Kind words from Church Secretary of the lovely venue, St Andrew's Scarborough:
    I know that the appreciation of the audience at last Saturday's concert was very much in evidence, but I wanted to put into writing our thanks for such an entertaining evening.
    Everyone enjoyed the beautiful harmonies and the varied programs; not to mention the comic interludes! It was a lovely night out, and I would be grateful if you could pass on our thanks and congratulations to all involved - well done!

    Mr Mike Earle
    The Daytones
    By email
    Dear Mr Earle
    On behalf of the Welcome to Wetherby team, I would like to thank your organisation and, in particular, all your performers for supporting our Whole Town Open Day last Saturday. We have had lots of really positive comments from members of the public about your performance and the wonderful atmosphere it gave to the whole day.
    There were far more people in town than on a normal Saturday and we hope that the event generated interest in your organisation.
    Thank you again for your participation.
    Yours sincerely
    Councillor Cindy Bentley
    Welcome to Wetherby Team

    From: Collingham Retired Men's Forum
    Sent: Tuesday, April 25, 2017 2:51 PM
    To: Daytones Harmony Chorus
    Subject: Re: Collingham Retired Men's Forum

    Alan, today was superb! What a way to end our year. A record attendance and a rousing send off.

    I'm looking at next year with the possibilty of you coming back, probably around Christmas. We finish at the end of November so do you have the last Tuesday in November clear? If not which one is the nearest? I'm talking 2018 here, not this year.

    I look forward to hearing you again.



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