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“We entertain with songs and banter!”

We have a repertoire which ranges from traditional songs through to close harmony arrangements of popular material. A ‘Lion King’ number may join an ABBA or Beatles number; a Maori love song may be on the same programme as a ‘Rock’n’Roll’ Medley; Stevie Wonder may be represented alongside something from ‘Porgy & Bess’. There’s something for everyone in our programmes!

Each pair of songs is generally introduced by one of our professional-quality Masters of Ceremonies, providing background to the pieces and some humorous banter to get audiences laughing. We enjoy our concerts and we are keen that our audiences do too!

A highlight of most of our shows is a dramatic monologue by one of the chorus, ‘Professor’ H.B. - ‘Albert and the Lions’, ‘A Recumbent Posture’ or ‘Sam and his musket’ (and many more) have regularly brought laughter to our events!

Our singout organiser is:  Allan Thain: 07910 152359,

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