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  • Risk Assessment
  •  Date Posted: Sat, 15 May 2021
    Risk Assessment to enable Outdoor Rehearsals

    The attached Risk Assessment has been approved by the committee and describes what is felt necessary to enable outdoor rehearsals to resume on the 25th May as safely as possible for all members.

    Please read this carefully as under "Proposed Control Measures" are listed the routines to which members are being asked to commit. We have to ensure that our very most vulnerable members are supported by us all meeting these obligations.
    Also, as you will see, there are a number of opportunities for members who feel they can volunteer with setting up the rehearsal etc.; please do so if you feel you can!

    Please note that whatever we do to mitigate the Covid risks, no event can be guaranteed to be 100% risk-free. All we can do is our very best and move things along until we can rehearse together more 'normally'.

    If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact a member of the Management Committee.

  • A Tribute to Norman Robinson - Godfrey Churchouse
  •  Date Posted: Tue, 5 Jan 2021
    Norman Robinson

    I am sure that you will all have been sad to hear the news over Christmas of Norman's passing. For many members your memories of him will be of his situation over the last few years following his strokes, but for some of us of more advanced years he will be remembered for his long service to the Chorus.

    The earliest picture we have been able to find of him is from 1995 in which he is resplendent in the green suit which the Chorus members wore at the time, which I am told made them look like leprechauns! During Cliff Brown's spell as Chorus Director Norman was his assistant and he fulfilled the same role for me from 2004 until he was unable to continue for health reasons. He was very musically knowledgeable, and indeed we have one of his papers in the Resources section of our new Web site.

    I understand that he worked for CEGB in Starbeck, and with his own office and secretary he was regarded as 'the go-to man' whenever there was a problem.

    Norman also sang with The Dales Singers until they disbanded a few years ago; with The Elysian Singers, where I replaced him in 2007 as a Second Bass when he decided that he could no longer reach the higher notes; and with Harrogate Harmony; and I know that members of those groups have expressed their condolences to Kath.

    We will miss his tenor voice, and his quiet supportive presence, and acknowledge his considerable part in helping Daytones develop to where we are today. We regret that because of COVID we will be unable  to show our regard for him by singing at his funeral.

    We mourn the passing of a true Gentle Man.

    Rest in peace Norman, you certainly helped to 'keep the whole world singing'.
  • Rehearsals post lockdown - Dave Chartres
  •  Date Posted: Sun, 2 Aug 2020
    Post lockdown rehearsals

       10/3/20  --- The  last normal rehearsal took place at our temporary site at Boston Spa Village Hall

      12/3/20  -- - In response to national announcements about over-70 year-olds being in groups susceptible to Covid-19 virus, the Chairman consulted Management Committee on concerns about future face-to-face meetings.

        14/3/20  ---  Having gained support from the Committee, the Chairman sent an email to all members postponing normal rehearsals until further notice.

         24/3/20  ---  Following suggestion by the Chairman and with Management Committee's agreement the first Zoom rehearsal took place for one hour only, 11am to 12noon using the 1 hour free option..

    Rehearsals on-line have continued every week since then, with Zoom rehearsals  being upgraded to unlimited duration, generally from 10.30 to 12noon , with a 20min pre-rehearsal slot for members to get on-line and have a chat. Business meetings for the Music and Management Committees have taken place in a similar fashion via Zoom.

  • Rehearsals during Covid 19 pandemic
  •  Date Posted: Mon, 27 Jul 2020
    Due to social distancing rules we are not able to take part in live rehearsals. In order that we can still enjoy each others company and practise our singing we have regular Tuesday morning Zoom rehearsals. These start at 10.30 and last for 90 minutes.
    Members will recieve invitations by email.
  • Covid 19
  •  Date Posted: Wed, 1 Apr 2020
    Due to the situation with Covid 19, the Daytones are currently not meeting for our Tuesday rehearsals. Should you wish to contact us during this period, please email Colin, the Chairman at
  • Temporary Venue Change (Smallco)
  •  Date Posted: Mon, 2 Mar 2020
    Due to building works at our normal venue, we are currently rehearsing at Boston Spa Village Hall on Tuesdays from 10 to 12
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