• Regarding chorus Performances
  • 23rd September 2019

    We are writing to thank you for all your help when Wetherby Welcomed the World , hosting the Yorkshire 2019 Para-cycling International races.
    We were delighted to be able to take some time to watch the Daytones Harmony Chorus' performance on the fanzone stage. It was the perfect performance to have as the dignitaries arrived at the Town Hall and really set the tone for the remainder of the day. Although you may not have noticed, the Deputy Lieutenant for West Yorkshire waited outside the doors for about 10-15 minutes as he was enjoying your performance so much. This is reflected in the positive feedback that we've already received from many different sources.

    16th November 2018

    The Village Hall was completely full with tables set out in a cafe style to sit back and relax and listen to the wonderful concert the Daytones had prepared for us. There were songs we all knew and could sing along to, a very humorous monologue and amusing jokes galore.
    Everyone had a really good time and you were all superb!! Atmosphere was really good! Must do it again some time!!

    20th October 2018

    Kind words from Church Secretary of the lovely venue, St Andrew's Scarborough:
    I know that the appreciation of the audience at last Saturday's concert was very much in evidence, but I wanted to put into writing our thanks for such an entertaining evening.
    Everyone enjoyed the beautiful harmonies and the varied programs; not to mention the comic interludes! It was a lovely night out, and I would be grateful if you could pass on our thanks and congratulations to all involved - well done!

    17th December 2018

    On behalf of the Welcome to Wetherby team, I would like to thank your organisation and, in particular, all your performers for supporting our Whole Town Open Day last Saturday. We have had lots of really positive comments from members of the public about your performance and the wonderful atmosphere it gave to the whole day.
    Thank you again for your participation.
    Yours sincerely,
    Councillor Cindy Bentley
    Chair, Welcome to Wetherby Team

    25th April, 2017

    From: Collingham Retired Men's Forum; To: Daytones Harmony Chorus
    Alan, today was superb! What a way to end our year. A record attendance and a rousing send off.
    I'm looking at next year with the possibilty of you coming back, probably around Christmas. We finish at the end of November so do you have the last Tuesday in November clear? If not which one is the nearest? I'm talking 2018 here, not this year. I look forward to hearing you again.


  • Regarding chorus Charitable Donations
  • 14th April 2020

    Thank you so much for your kind donation of £900 to St Gemma's Hospice! I know you have supported the Hospice for some years now, but I just wanted to say how much we really appreciate your support during this challenging time in particular. The fantastic amount that you have donated is enough to fund two full days of care for an in-patient so it really will make a huge difference here at the hospice. - St Gemma's Hospice

    12th March 2019

    Thank you so much for emailing to let us know about your fundraising. That's a fantastic total to have raised! Fay has moved on from working at St Gemma's Hospice but I'd be really happy to come along one Tuesday for a presentation. Thanks so much for all your support once again; we really do appreciate it! - St Gemma's Hospice, . [raised over £750]

    20th November 2018

    I was delighted to receive your donation of £372 towards the Clifford Village Hall Building Project from your recent concert. Please accept the grateful thanks of myself and the Clifford Village Hall Committee for the help you have given us in progressing this project.

    20th February 2018

    It was lovely to meet you all earlier today and see The Daytones in action. Thanks so much to each and every one of the members for supporting us and raising the £1000 which will go so far towards helping patients here at the Hospice.


  • Regarding chorus Members' Views
  • 5th November 2018

    Richard S
    I happened upon the Daytones following a recommendation by one of the members. They are extremely welcoming and friendly while aspiring to sing the Repertoire to a high standard. Their helpful manner toward a novice was and indeed is extremely reassuring.
    They are well organised, taking the rehearsals seriously, with time to reflect on the humorous aspects that of course occur.

    Tony P
    To would-be Daytones members
    I was unaware of the existence of this group until a chance encounter led to an invitation to go along to a rehearsal one Tuesday. There was then no looking back!
    In retrospect, all the promised bonuses of joining have for me (and for all our members, I suspect) been achieved: singing with a friendly group, the pleasure of rehearsing and entertaining, and raising money for good causes. There's a Christmas lunch and summer hog roast involved as well. Browse through the all new web-site, it's very good!
    The price to pay? All this comes at a financial cost of £6/month, less than the price of one cinema ticket. In terms of personal commitment, there are the weekly Tuesday morning rehearsals almost every week of the year which are generally well attended (but there is no 3-line whip!). Singouts are scheduled ahead and we are asked to commit to or refuse these well in advance. In between rehearsals I find it useful to work regularly at home on learning/revising/memorising the songs currently under rehearsal. (As a keen organist and pianist I am constantly impressed with the sheer quantity of words/notes that older hands have successfully memorised over the years). Relatively new folk, such as myself, just have to do as much as we can in the time available, supported by the teach tracks and the patience of the rest of the group! The effort is always worth-while.
    Happy singing!

    Steve W
    As a relatively new member of Daytones, I am qualified to say that my short experience of the group to date has been a really good one. Despite not knowing any of the existing members when I joined, it has been an easy process to feel like I am ‘one of the boys'! Everyone is very friendly and keen to help you along, explaining things which might be obvious to some of the long-standing members.
    As an added bonus, we all wear shirts embroidered with our names, which saves the embarrassment of having to learn so many new names all at once!
    All of our performances are without the benefit of sheet music, so learning all the music and words for our wide repertoire of songs can be difficult – it does take time; but there is help available in the form of recordings of all the songs to assist with learning and there is no pressure to join in the singouts until you yourself feel confident enough to perform.
    Our weekly rehearsals are enjoyable and the two hours fly by. It helps that everyone gets on so well and there are always plenty of laughs along the way.

    4th January 2018

    Mike C, one of five new members to join The Daytones recently said "It's great being part of The Daytones. Everybody is really friendly; we have a great time and some good laughs, and the singing is such healthy exercise for you. I'm really pleased I joined. Seeing the smiling faces as we sang over Christmas was really satisfying.”


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