.1992  -- Feb  -- Chorus founded by Cliff Brown in the role of Director.

1996  --  October --  First recorded Annual General Meeting, but no Minutes kept on file.
1997  --  July  --  First Committee Meeting recorded with Minutes.
1998  --  
1999  --  Godfrey Churchouse joins chorus.
           -- Nov  --  Brian Bradbury secures National Lottery Grant of £4640 for tape recorders, risers, uniforms, coaching fees,etc.
2000  --  March  --  Godfrey Churchouse given role of Choreographer
           -- August -- BABS Harmony College, Worcester - 13 members attended and performed on the Saturday show
           --  Chorus acquires Associate Membership of BABS.

           --  Pictorial archive started by Tony Timms.
2001  --  June  --  Godfrey Churchouse given role of Assistant Chorus Director.
           --  Insurance cover provided by J. Torribles via BABS membership.
2003  --  Jan  --  Updating of Constitution.
           --  Oct  --  First recorded membership list

           --  Honorary Life Membership awarded to Brian Parker.
2004  -- February  --  Godfrey Churchouse succeeds Cliff Brown as Chorus Director who is awarded Honorary  Life Membership.
           -- February - Tony Timms started producing "The Daytoner" a monthly bulletin for members containing news, Profiles of members, jokes, poems, helpful singing advice, etc.
           --  May  --  Chorus web-site launched
            --  Nov  --  Martin House Hospice nominated as chorus’s charity.

2005  --  Sept/Oct  --  ‘Learn to Sing’ course staged
           --  Yorkshire Air Ambulance adopted as nominated charity.
2006  --  Website revised by Ian Booth.
           --  Trophies won at Rothwell and Horsford music festivals.
2007  --  April  --  Chorus leaves BABS and instead joins Making Music for insurance by Ecclesiastical Ins Co
           --  May  --  Rehearsal venue moves from St James’ Church Hall, Wetherby to Clifford Village Hall.
2007  --  June  --  SmallCo now formed and rehearsing
           --  July  --  Cliff Brown leaves chorus for move to Scotland.
           --  Nov  -- Brian Bradbury secures National Lottery Grant of £7,005 for uniforms, singing coach, courses, and CDs for learning.
2008  -- Sept/Oct -- Second "Learn to Sing"  course - 10 weeks duration
2009  --  February  --  Brian Bradbury secures Grant of £4112 from Leeds Community Fund for purchase of 20 new risers.
           -- October - Wetherby Arts Festival - Sang at a Concert with Collingham Lady Singers and Knaresborough Accordian & Fiddle Society
           -- Chorus web-site revised by Terry Burns. 

           --  Kath Robinson takes on role of Chorus Archivist.
           --  Roy Fletcher awarded Honorary Life Membership.
2010  --  October - Wetherby Live - sang three sessions around Wetherby
           --  Eric Mackay awarded Honorary Life Membership.
            -- Flybe/Evening Post Community Awards - won the "Community Music of the Year" Award 

2012  --  May - Homestart Choirs in the Minster - joined with Harrogate Harmony to perform in York Minster As "New Dawn Chorus" directed by Godfrey Churchouse
           -- Ron Danby awarded Honorary Life Membership.
2013  --  Making Music’s insurance arrangements now via Royal and Sun Alliance.
2014  -- August -- Jazz in the Spa- Sang as part of weekly Jazz Concert, Boston Spa Village Hall
           -- Oct -- Final donation to Yorkshire Air Ambulance, - bringing total to approximately £6000 over seven years
           -- Oct -- St Gemma's Hospice Leeds chosen as new nominated charity
2015  --  Raise-a-Roof-athon - sang to raise monies to re-roof Collingham Methodist Church Hall
2017  -- March -- York Community Choir Festival - sang at Joseph Rowntree Theatre as part of festival
          -- Chorus performs at the remembrance service in the York Barbican.
          --  Brian Bradbury and Bob Richardson awarded Honorary Life Membership.
2018  -- March -- York Community Choir Festival- Chorus sang again as part of the festival 
           -- May --Wharfdale Festival of Performing Arts - Gained a Distinction and Second place in the Barbershop Class
2019  --  April -- Godfrey Churchouse awarded a Medal on his 80th birthday to commemorate 15 years as Chorus Director
          -- May -- Wharfdale Festival of Performing Arts - Gained a Distinction and Third place in the Barbershop Class
           --  Norman and Kath Robinson awarded Honorary Life Membership. 
           -- Larger chorus now accommodated in 4 row stack using modified risers.
           --  Sept  --  Voices Yorkshire Gala Concert -  Chorus appeared at the inaugural concert in Leeds Town Hall.
2020  --  January  --  Clifford V H refurbishment begins and rehearsal venue moved to Boston Spa V Hall.
           --  Mar -- Covid 19 Pandemic halts  sing-outs -- Zoom rehearsals start led by Robert Jarvis with Godfrey
           -- Dec -- Christmas "Lunch" party held for first time on-line.
           -- April  --  New Chorus Web-site launched using software obtained from Making Music.
           -- July -- Robert Jarvis appointed as Deputy Chorus Director
           -- July -- Management and Music Committees meet for first time on-line via Zoom.
           -- Aug -- EGM approves full re-write of Constitution following consultation of members.
           -- Sept -- Richard Semark appointed Web-master
           -- Oct -- AGM held on-line for first time.
           -- Oct -- Photo archives revised and updated.
2021  --  May -- In-person rehearsals resume outdoors in car park of Clifford V Hall after risk assessment.
           -- July -- Resumption of rehearsal indoors under RA guidelines with increased ventilation.
           -- Aug -- First sing-out since lockdown held outdoors at RHS Harlow Carr.
           -- Oct -- At AGM Godfrey Churchouse gives notice of resigning as CD with effect from 31/12/21
           -- Nov -- Trial rehearsals singing without masks indoors.
           -- Dec -- First indoor singouts held at Haxby and York Designer Outlet.
2022 -- Jan -- Steve West appointed Chorus Director
           -- Feb -- Purchase of bar stools to aid members at rehearsals and sing-outs.
           -- Mar -- Godfrey Churchouse appointed as the Chorus's first Honorary Lifetime President following a consultative vote by members and the necessary updating of the constitution approved at an EGM.
           -- July -- First post-Covid fundraising proceeds of £415 paid to Martin House (from York and Boston Spa).


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